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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Dec 3, 2014: Panning

Aspen Trees

I did a photography workshop at the end of September and learned a new technique called "panning".  I had experimented with panning years ago when taking some photography classes but we had been taking photos of the city lights at night and I had fun doing some timed photos of Calgary's down town core and cars driving the streets.  I have seen many examples of panning used in photographing sporting events, specifically race cars and bikes but have never tried it.  In this workshop though, I was shown another way to use panning and was really pleased with the photos that I got.  This first one, I may have to get it on canvas as it sort of looks like an oil painting to me.  I will definitely be experimenting with this technique for a long time to come.


Fir Trees Panned


Images (2)
  • Aspen Trees: Panning the Aspens.
  • Fir Trees Panned: Panning the sun in the trees.

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