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Grand Opening of Black Bear Diner - Westminster, CO


I am happy to share that Black Bear Diner is now open at 10392 Reed St in Westminster, CO.  Gene and I were one of the lucky group of people who were able to attend one of their soft opening dates. We went the night before Father’s day. Since they weren’t open to the public yet, they opened on Monday June 18th  it was not crowded. Many of the Black Bear Diners can be very busy, especially on a Sunday morning.

Black-Bear-Diner-Inside-1It was interesting being at this location for a couple of reasons. First of all it was weird because we use to visit the restaurant when it was a Quaker Steak and Lube. It was a nice place, but I am happy it's now a Black Bear Diner.  It was nice to see all the cute rustic motif with black bear murals and artwork. They also have a cute little retail store. This leads me to my second thought. Another unique feature of the diner is their menu called the The Black Bear Gazette, with articles on the front page related to the local area. This leads me to my second thought.

Black-Bear-Diner-StoreIt was nice to have a Black Bear Diner here in Colorado. I had been to a couple in California before, and really enjoyed the food and atmosphere. While speaking with some of the staff I found out that Quaker Steak and Black Bear Diner are owned by the same parent company. This made sense to me why they changed the restaurant from Quaker to Black Bear Diner. I have to say I am glad they made the change.

Black-Bear-Diner-ChurchyWe were seated pretty quickly and were served by a wonderful women named Churchy. She was attentive and helpful without smothering. We were never short of drink refills, etc. We had such a nice time chatting that I asked her if she would pose with us for a picture.  So you are now famous Churchy! lol  Thank you for the  wonderful service and conversation.

Black-Bear-Diner-FoodAs far as the food, you can't go wrong. The other Black Bear Diner's I had visited were during lunch time and was eager to try out their dinner menu. I LOVE tri-tip and didn't even realize they had it on the menu. I was definitely a happy camper, lol. We both look forward to visiting again soon, and I look forward to having some more of their amazing spicy sausage. They also have some Portuguese sausage I would like to try. We will definitely be back soon. Here is a link to their website with more information, hours, etc.  BTW, they do serve breakfast all day!!!



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