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Genting Highlands Skyworld


Commissioned by 20th Century Fox as a theme park movie set, Genting Highlands Skyworld is certainly a contender for one of the most impressive of the lot across the globe. I would NEVER have paid a visit to such a place which is so obviously an anathema to my love of nature, but here I was—lost for options about how to spend the New Year's Eve of 2023—booked into a solo weekend stay here! I was nervous, apprehensive and already very irritable over this impulsive decision, and so I left everything to destiny as I took the late evening train to Kuala Lumpur after work, and tucked in for the night at my regular backpacker's hostel, ready to embark on the hour long bus ride to the 'highlands' the next morning.


Perhaps the best experiences unfold when you have the littlest expectations, and this trip delivered more than I bargained for. The pricey hotel I had chosen was a vast sprawl of the prettiest that a resort hotel can offer, complete with a variety of restaurants, and activities for all ages. I was promptly handed a complimentary voucher for the cable car ride to the amusement area at the top (the very FIRST time that I have been made to feel "worthy" as a solo traveller, being duly informed that it was free for only ONE person; yes, yes, I felt so rich, privileged and whole that moment indeed!!)


It was heady enough to make me risk a Chinese hot pot lunch at a restaurant teeming with couples and families—and where I stood out like a sore thumb- but I was waited on patiently and courteously by the staff who no doubt were rather curious to see what I would make of the huge steamboat of a mushroom infusion that I had ordered for dipping in my side of chicken and condiments. I daresay I "performed'' well, because they brought me a special dessert at the end (and this is totally unusual in a Chinese eating house, where EVERYTHING has a price on it, including the condiments).


Without trying out a single ride whatsoever, it is perfectly possible to take in the lush greenery, the lovely mists, and the architectural splendor of the premises; especially the beautiful pagoda nestling in the hills is not to be missed, and then you could simply have the rest of the day to yourself to enjoy multiple cups of tea lazing on the balcony and admiring the outdoors. Before getting back at the train station for my return I happily spent the rest of the day in the capital flitting from store to store and slowly savouring my meals, with a good couple of hours thrown in for a movie as well. Honestly, I have never had a more memorable New Year's Eve.


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