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Gallery: Borneo, Market in Sibu


I flew from Kota Kinabalu, KK in local parlance, northern Borneo in the State of Sabah, Malaysia, to Sibu in Sarawak, for the sole purpose of traveling by public express boat up the Batang Rajang, the river that serves as the primary highway into the fabled rain forest of Borneo.  It’s used by the people who live there and also by the logging operations whose stripping of the land causes runoff that turns the rivers brown.

I didn’t have a ticket for my onward journey when I arrived in Sibu.  But the hunt is invariably as fun as the ride.  So a few days spent scoping out the town is always worthwhile.  And scoping out always seems to lead me directly to a market.  In this case, the market was on the way to the dock from which the boats came and went so it made perfect sense.

This is the first installment of several I’ll share with you of my time in Borneo, now a favorite destination.  I hope to return before too long.














And here's a better view of the market building with

Jim, travel pal and adventurer par excellence.

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You can always get me with a market, but this one was especially interesting because of the display of canned goods. Living in a neighborhood with many Caribbean, Asian and South Asian neighbors, I see some of those brands and products in our local fruit stands and small groceries. Truly "world food!"

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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