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Fort Hancock NJ - Where Gumbo Was (#131)


Entrance to Mortar Battery

Congratulations to TravelingCanuck who guessed that this week Gumbo was "down the shore" in New Jersey, visiting Fort Hancock. Fort Hancock is a decommissioned military base that sits in the Sandy Hook National Park. The National Park is also home to the Sandy Hook Light House.


Sandy Hook Lighthouse

The original safe channel into NY harbor passes very close to Sandy Hook, at the north end of the Jersey Shore, and there has been a lighthouse here since 1764 and a military base since 1812. In 1890 the army built fortified cement mortar batteries, and it was one of those that Gumbo was entering in the first picture.


The circles were tracks for aiming the 12-inch guns


Unfortunately, some of the information signage was damaged during Hurricane Sandy and has not yet been repaired.


12-inch mortar shells

In 1898 Fort Hancock was commissioned as a permanent military base and became home to a proving ground for large guns and also missile defense site during the cold war.


Officer's Housing


Enlisted Men's mess hall


Memorial to 9 soldiers and civilians killed when a NIKE missile exploded in its silo nearby.

One of the most interesting things about this retired military base is that it sits inside a National Park that one of the most popular beaches on the Jersey shore.



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