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Foodie Fun in Watkins Glen, New York


We were passing through Watkins Glen, New York, a Finger Lakes resort town when I spotted the world's smallest diner.

I knew that was true, because it said so right on the sign hooked to the fence on the Micro Diner. 


I quickly asked my daughter to pull over for the photo op, which she cheerfully did, picking a spot right past a Ben and Jerry dipping shop. I hopped out, took my pictures, and walked back, only to spot the next attraction, right outside the shop—a tricked-up 1953 Chevrolet Handyman station wagon owned by the Ben and Jerry store.


If you were the Marisa Tomei character in the movie My Cousin Vinny, you would have known right away that I was wrong when I got upset that it's registered as a 1953; I knew those tail lights belonged in 1954, despite the undeniable 1953 grille.


Mona Lisa Vito, as the character was called, would certainly have known that, unlike the rest of the 1953 line, the Handyman station wagon models, like this one, were a year ahead on tail lights, for reasons unknown.


Congratulations to this week's spotters who correctly identified the location. In order, Professor Abe, George G, Jonathan L (who had been there two weeks earlier!) and PortMoresby.



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The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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