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Fjorubordid restaurant, Stokkseyr, Iceland

south-iceland-2013-121 South Iceland lobster

(Langoustine -- small Icelandic lobster --served in a delicious garlic butter sauce)



I wanted to share our best dining experience in Iceland with those who might be interested.


In the past few decades Iceland has developed excellent cuisine, especially when one considers their relatively small population (around 300,000 people), cool climate, and rocky habitat limiting what's locally available.  But dishes of roast lamb and reindeer, cod and other fish prepared in a variety of ways are well worth trying and usually very delicious.  


At the recommendation of a friend from South Iceland, we visited a wonderful restaurant in the small seaside sound of village of Stokkseyr, just south of Selfoss.   Fjorubordid has an extensive menu of Icelandic food but most everyone who goes there goes for the small Icelandic lobster, know as langoustine.  While called a lobster, they really are not much larger than a jumbo shrimp. 

The meal started with a wonderful lobster soup, incredibly smooth and tasty


south-iceland-2013-118 South Iceland lobster soup

(The starter, langoustine soup)


Our entry was langoustine, served with the trimmings -- cucumbers in dill, tomato basil salad, cous cous, fresh greens and baby potatoes.  While the trimmings were good, the plate of langoustine was absolutely incredible.  Served in a buttery garlic sauce, you'll find yourself licking your fingers after you've finished.


south-iceland-2013-122 South Iceland lobster fixing

(The trimmings, fresh from the greenhouses of Iceland)


Several of the Icelandic people in the restaurant had traveled over an hour from Reykjavik just to eat at Fjorubordid.  The place is very busy, so be sure that make reservations, especially during the peak summer travel season.  For more info, please go to the restaurant website;


Images (3)
  • Languostine -- small Icelandic lobster, served in a garlic butter sauce: Absolutely finger licking good
  • Iceland lobster soup
  • The trimmings, to eat with your languostine

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