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'Finding Reiner' letters now available as book


The letters home of a young German soldier that were the basis of an award-winning series published on TravelGumbo by Whitney Stewart (HistoryDigger) are now available in a book, 'Feldpost: The War Letters of Friedrich Reiner Niemann.'

Published over the summer, the letters document Reiner's wartime experience as a young conscript, personally opposed to the war and the regime, but forced to become a part of it, along with millions of others. Although Reiner did not survive the war, his sister and his letters did, and were found by Stewart, whose husband is Reiner's nephew. 

The book is available in hardcover and as a Kindle e-book on Perhaps the best introduction to Reiner and his letters is the 4th installment of the series, "Who Was He?" Links to the entire series are HERE,

In the series, Stewart uses the letters as a guide for her trips to Europe to retrace Reiner's journey and to try to find the answer to his final days. The series won a 2014 Bronze Prize for travel journalism.

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