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Family Friendly Attractions in Malta

The island of Malta is a fantastic holiday destination home to many tourists each year. Malta is filled with wonderful blue water, colourful coves, and prehistoric ruins, so there is no question why over 1.2 million tourists holiday in Malta each year. Malta is one of the smallest and most densely populated countries in the world with almost three times the amount of tourists to residents. So here are some of the best places to visit with children:


Malta National Aquarium


If you want to enjoy a fun day out with the family, enjoy a bite to eat and educate the children a little, well Malta’s Aquarium is the place for you. It will almost certain leave you children amazed with its large range of fish in its 26 tanks. Walk through tunnels are located in this aquarium with special ones just for children and other designed for adults. With over 100 different species such as sharks, seahorses, stingrays and eels the aquarium is one of the most visited locations in all of Malta. 


Bird Park Malta

American Flamingos

Located in Selina the bird park has over 200 species of bird and other animals, the park is defiantly a place to visit to see all the wonderful animals in their natural habitat. Visitors will also have the opportunity to learn more about different birds and different behaviours learn everything they can teach you about the birds they have at this stunning park. With pelicans, flamingos, owls, and parrots all live in harmony with such things as kangaroos, wallabies, meerkats and much more to offer as well, you won’t get a better opportunity to see wildlife in Malta.

The Park is open 6 days a week, Tuesdays – Fridays is open from 10am till 3pm and on the Weekends it is open from 10am till 5pm and is closed on Mondays. Only 8 Euros for people over 13 years old, 5 Euros for people under 12, and free for children under 3.


Blue Grotto

Blue grottoThe Blue Grotto is actually a number of different coves located on the south coast of Malta. Basically everyday when the sun is shining, from sunrise till about 1-2pm a mix between the location of these sea caverns and the sun light make mirroring effects from the water showering lots of different shades of blue. This is a wonderful and unique chance to see this, when it is seen it is one of the most beautiful sights in all of Malta. Some caverns even show the beautiful colours of the flora under the sea. Boat trips are offered along the south coast and the best chance of you getting to see these mirroring effects. Film makers have even used this for a location such as Troy starring Brad Pitt, a Milky Way advert showing a diver jumping from 30m into the sea.

Each of these destinations will leave your children amazed at the sheer beauty of what Malta has to offer. It is a good enough location for big blockbuster films and adverts so it is certainly an amazing place to bring your family.


Splash and Fun

Splash and FunAhhh... A water park one of the best places to keep your whole family enjoying them self, open from May to the end of October Splash and Fun in Malta will keep your children entertained. You have the option to buy a half day ticket or a full day’s ticket; bear in mind a full day’s ticket is slightly more expensive. With rides such as sidewinder, Kamikaze and the superbowl, a full day would be the best way to get the most splash filled day, so grab your trunks and grab your sunglasses and enjoy a full day of excitement


Jason Briggs is a travel enthusiast, Iceland is my favourite, been there been there 6 times. Often joined with friends and family, also have travelled to each of the Canary Islands at least once. Been to a variety of places around Europe and Asia. Love food and sports and a proud Wolverhampton fan. Also a big film fan, best film ever made Scarface. @TravelBriggs






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On my first visit to Malta I was exploring the Megalithic Monuments when a group and their guide arrived.

She was explaining to the folks the stones where blood sacrifices were made.

So I stayed within earshot for a free tour - at a discreet distance.

Then she turned and pointed at me !

" where that couple are standing is a Fertility Temple! "

Whoooa !! We moved away quickly !

But too late - we had been chosen by the Goddess of Fertility !

That was on the 29 December - and on the 29 September we had our first child !


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Hello Jason and thanks for the interesting and informative post about family Malta. I am resident here myself and I agree with the family attraction side of the island. It's a fun place to visit and I do notice many families enjoying their time together.

The journey starts with you. Just open that door and start walking!


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