Euro court extends passenger compensation


A new ruling by the European Court of Justice has extended coverage of the EU's Rule 261, which compensates passengers for delayed and canceled flights, sometimes by hundreds of Euros.

The compensation rules apply to any flight originating or ending in the 28 European Union countries, no matter where the airline is based. The new ruling extends coverage to flights that are part of such itineraries even if the delay or cancellation happens in a leg that doesn't start or end in Europe.

That situation arises when an airline is partnered or code-shared with another. Up to now, airlines have denied claims based on that, but the Court has ruled on a case that involved eleven passengers booked on Czech Airlines from Prague to Budapest. The first leg, was flown by Czech to Abu Dhabi, with a connection there on Etihad. The Etihad flight was delayed about 8 hours.

Czech Airlines argued unsuccessfully that it couldn't be held liable for delays caused by partner airlines. The court ruled that the airline owed the passengers compensation payment and could then sue Etihad for the cost.

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