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England gets a coast-to-coast canoe route

It's now (nearly) possible to paddle all the way across England in a canoe. The only obstacles are canal locks that require portage, and rights to a tunnel that are still being negotiated.


The project, connecting Liverpool to the Humber Estuary, uses the Lees and Liverpool canal, parts of the Aire and Calder Canal and a stretch of the Ouse river for a 150-mile journey. It's called the Desmond Family Canoe Trail after the media mogul who's provided financial muscle to get the project going.


The Guardian (UK) sent a reporter to try out a section of the route; his report, with pictures and historical reflections appears HERE.


Photo: Canal and River Trust

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As you can see from this photo - the tow path makes an excellent route for cycling too.

And walkers. No traffic or roads to cross. Friends often take their canoes for a paddle.

Others just go fishing. Maybe just a walk in silence - except for the occasional canalside pub where they have a kids playground. And the ducks quacking. (No shooting allowed)

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