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Egypt Lake, Banff National Park


I've hiked to Egypt Lake in Banff National Park on one occasion, and that almost 25 years ago.  The hike took us up through Healy Pass, one of the great alpine meadows of the Canadian Rockies which in the summer is decorated by a profusion of wildflowers.

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From the pass you descend to Egypt Lake, situated at around 3800 ft altitude, our destination for the day.  It is a very lovely lake in a beautiful subalpine setting.  The Lake has backpacking shelters as well as a campground.  For our group this was just a day hike, with light packs, and at about 12 miles round trip was still hard enough.

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The lovely turquoise water of the lake is typical of many in the Rockies, the color caused by glacial silt.  A steep up hill scramble takes you to Mummy & Scarab Lakes

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