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Domino's thinks it can sell Italy on American pizza

In a move that some have compared with "trying to sell ice to the Eskimos," Domino's, the American pizza chain, hopes to become all the rage in Italy.


Starting with one store in Milan, opened earlier this month, the Italian franchisee, Alessandro Lazzaroni, hopes to find a niche based on localizing the pizza and—his big edge—delivering it. Lazzaroni, who once ran a McDonald's franchise in Italy, expects to open three more Domino's stores by the end of the year.


But his pies are more than a little different from the American version. 

"We will be using a recipe created by us, using locally-sourced wheat,” he told Italian press. “It will be purely Italian in all other respects too...the tomato sauce, mozzarella, gorgonzola and Parma ham.” He does say that some of his customers have asked about adding "American tastes" such as pineapple pizza to the menu.


Meanwhile, a tempest in a coffee cup is brewing elsewhere in Milan, with controversial rumors that Starbucks may be preparing to open its first unit. Starbucks has declined to comment.


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