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"Doggie-Door" makes lockers easier to use


Ever stuck your suitcase and other items in a station or airport locker and set off to have lunch or tour a city—and then wanted to go back and get the camera or a jacket, or something you forgot? Now you can!

A Japanese company, NC Nippon Coin Locker, has come up with a new locker configuration that has a smaller door set into the larger. You can open or close it as often as you want, without additional fees for the locker. It's big enough to retrieve (or add) many of the most common items, such as guidebooks, cameras, maps or more.

The company has installed 1500 of the new design so far, mostly at pools and ski resorts. It's been working on the idea for decades, but didn't find a practical way to implement it until recent developments in technology made it possible to do it without bulky locking mechanisms.

For more details from Japan Today, click HERE


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