December 8, 2016: Enger Park, Duluth, Minnesota


Located atop Enger Hill in Duluth Minnesota, Enger Park is a 130 acre park which surrounds Enger Tower and features beautiful gardens, picnic areas, and many hiking trails.


In my last Picture of the Day from November 24, 2016, I featured Enger Tower.  In case you missed it, you can read about it here.  To access Enger Tower from the Enger Park parking lot, you walk along a wide well maintained paved trail.  You can use this same trail to return to the parking lot, but I would highly recommend venturing off and exploring Enger Park via numerous other trails which are not paved but are well maintained and are either flat or have gradual inclines.


Take the time to smell the flowers and have a picnic.


Enger Park boasts lovely and distinct gardens which contain shade hostas, over 200 perennials and 4,000 daffodils (to only name a few).







Be sure to make Enger Park and Tower one of your stops in the city of Duluth. You will be glad you didn’t pass up this serene and scenic place.  FYI, both the Park and Tower are closed during the winter months.



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Looks like you've found a piece of paradise Ottoman.

Just enough to explore without losing the kids.

Is it a free park ? It certainly looks well manicured and a credit to whoever takes control of all that flora and fauna.

I love walking through nature parks. Thanks for the photos.

Paradise indeed !

Hi Garry

Sorry for the late response to your comment regarding Enger Park in Duluth Minnesota.  I must admit it really is a piece of paradise, and somewhat of a hidden gem, for although most locals know about this beautiful park, many visitors to Duluth have no clue of its existence.  I found out about Enger Park a few months ago just by chance.  En route to work one morning, my friendly bus driver and I were having our daily morning banter when I mentioned that I was going to Duluth, to which he said..."Make sure you go see Enger's AWESOME!"  The rest is history.  Oh, and yes, entrance to the park is free.

Thanks Ottoman. I wonder sometimes if there's a book somewhere that's filled with all these hidden gems. I like to ask the locals where ever I go "Where's a nice walk for a few hours ?" (No - its not a chat up line) I've found some wonderful places. And some Battle Grounds !