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December 14, 2018: Enoteca Cotti, Milan


Recently while in Milan, my wife and I visited a charming wine shop, Enoteca Cotti.  It houses an impressive selection of wine and is a family run business situated in the Brera neighborhood.

01 Enoteca Cotti

03 Enoteca Cotti

The business was established around a hundred years ago and the shelving is original and reflective of this period.  The shop has around 3000 types of wine -- red, white, sparkling, it's all here.  Their focus is on Italian wine, but wines from around the world are available.  There are also select hard liquors available, especially high end whiskeys.

06 Enoteca Cotti

A few selective food items are for sale, generally those that pair well with wine, including paté, caviar and cheeses.  But the shop's focus is on wine, not food.

05 Enoteca Cotti

The owner was extremely friendly and helpful -- he had no idea I was a travel blogger -- and helped us select a few reasonably priced but excellent bottles of local wine to enjoy.  It's the kind of shop I'd visit if it was nearby.

07 Enoteca Cotti

I loved their old cash register!

08 Enoteca Cotti


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  • 00 Enoteca Cotti
  • 01 Enoteca Cotti
  • 03 Enoteca Cotti
  • 05 Enoteca Cotti
  • 06 Enoteca Cotti
  • 07 Enoteca Cotti
  • 08 Enoteca Cotti

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