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Dec. 20, 2015: Winter at the Greenmarket


It's clearly winter now at Brooklyn's Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket, with only a few days left until Christmas, and only the hardiest of crops remaining—but those include lovely piles of scallions with their roots showing, and plenty of turnips, beets and carrots.


Not to mention lots of apples of many varieties (no, those aren't tomatoes in the boxes) as well as meats, baked goods and specialty foods.


And, of course, it's the season for some non-edibles as well, in the form of holiday decorations.


But the one thing we noticed didn't have a lot of customers as we shopped in 37° weather: This definitely un-seasonal offering!



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The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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IMG_2923I love open air markets. As we get closer to Christmas and everyone we meet is on their best behaviour. Polite and full of good cheer !

With temperatures here in the UK floating between 50 and 63f we all give thanks to the jet stream.

And it looks like this will be the first year I've picked Tomato's from the greenhouse on Christmas day.


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