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Cozy Inn Hamburgers, Salina, Kansas


When my wife and I hit the road, we checkout the Roadfood website to see if any of their recommendations are convenient for us to visit.  We've discussed Roadfood before on this website.  Basically, they recommend places with quality "American" food.  I've yet to be disappointed by their recommendations.

01 Cozy Inn Burger

One of their listings is for Cozy Inn hamburgers in Salina, Kansas.  When our trip this past year took us to within a few miles of the place, we thought we'd make the diversion and give it a try.

03 Cozy Inn Burger

04 Cozy Inn Burger

Cozy Inn has been in business for more than a century and the only thing that has changed during that time are the prices.  It's a quintessential roadfood joint, mostly take-out, but with a small counter for inhouse dining if that's what you want.  The aroma is wonderful -- the smell of frying burgers, onions, pickles and mustard made my mouth water.

05 Cozy Inn Burger

06 Cozy Inn Burger(Cozy Inn staff when we visited -- one person manning the register, two cooking up the burgers)

Cozy Inn burgers are small slider size and are sold by the bag.  The menu is simple -- hamburgers, soda pop (or water, coffee and hot chocolate), and potato chips.  Nothing else to complicate things.

07 Cozy Inn Burger

I was pretty hungry, but still found it a challenge to eat a half dozen of these treats.  They are as good as promised, and if you like classic American burgers, don't miss out on these when traveling through Kansas.

08 Cozy Inn Burger

09 Cozy Inn Burger


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  • 00 Cozy Inn Burger
  • 01 Cozy Inn Burger
  • 03 Cozy Inn Burger
  • 04 Cozy Inn Burger
  • 05 Cozy Inn Burger
  • 06 Cozy Inn Burger
  • 07 Cozy Inn Burger
  • 08 Cozy Inn Burger
  • 09 Cozy Inn Burger

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