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Coastal California: Three Girls Visit Harley Farms Goat Dairy



On the outskirts of Pescadero, at the end of North Street, where it converges with Pescadero Creek Road and the back way to La Honda, is Harley Farms Goat Dairy.  My granddaughters know the place because it’s a favorite destination on field trips from their school, 14 miles away by the winding, wooded backroad or 15 miles by the coast route.






We parked and walked past the milking shed and through the open gate leading between the shop and garden on one side and on the barn and pastures beyond.  Our timing was perfect as a tiny goat in a pen became the hit of the day.  The sign read, “Our surprise baby”.  Late summer is, apparently, not the usual kidding season and, upon further investigation, we were told this one was the result of a highly motivated leap of a fence into a pen where the ladies were relaxing.  No one quite believed it until the happy day arrived.  And it couldn’t have been more fun for two 8 year-olds’ return visit to the farm.




While we played with baby goat, the herd was let in from the pasture to the barnyard to eat at long troughs.  Great excitement was caused by one goat peeing next to the fence where we stood.  If only we could retain such delight as we get older, although I did very much enjoy her enjoyment of the event.





Next stop, the building where the cheese is made and the shop.  I was pleased to see my girls sampling and enjoying the various chÈvre cheeses, adventurous eating being a  virtue and a very good sign, in my opinion.  Their father’s favorite cheese as a child was gruyÈre, for which I take full credit.  As we were the only visitors in the shop, the friendly young woman working there chatted with us and answered everyone’s questions.  We watched through a window while 2 ladies worked through the various stages of cheese making.  Seeing the milk draining over a sink in cheesecloth bags gave me ideas, given the price of goat cheese, which I love.







Tasting and watching done, and a small round of cheese purchased, we were off again in our quest for more Gumbo photo ops.  We headed down Cloverdale Road, stopped at the entrance to Butano State Park, a redwoods reserve, but didn’t go in.  We had more excitement in mind as we headed for Pigeon Point, 8 miles from Pescadero, and the lighthouse there.  Tune in next week.








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