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Canadian Start-Up ZiNG Airlines Plans on Using Bombardier Jets to Compete



ZiNG Airlines, a start-up airline out of Moncton, Canada, plans on using the locally manufactured Bombardier CS100 jets to compete with Air Canada and WestJet.


ZiNG Founders, Wayne Fernandes and Ben de Mendonca, are planning to start Canadian domestic flights in second quarter of 2017 and are currently seeking investments through a crowdfunding platform.


Part of their pitch is the following:


"At its maximum, we envision dethroning WestJet as Canada’s #2 carrier; it is our opinion that their fleet is a mismatch for the skies of Canada given the advent of the CSeries. Their over dependence on the foreign made 737 was their greatest strength and we intend on making it their greatest weakness."




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I wish them success.  Canada could use another airline, especially true if ZiNG plans on running as a discounter.


I agree with their sentiment that WestJet has lost its way.  I've no problem with what planes are used by either company, but their focus on customer service has dropped greatly in the past decade.

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It's very hard to start an airline today and ZiNG  has got a tough road ahead to launch their airline.  But they do raise some interesting arguments for using the Bombardier CS100 and not using hub cities.


Watch their You Tube Video:


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