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Canada: See it all while you're young (Summer Rail Passes)

VIA Rail Canada, the national rail network, is running two specials for youth 12-25 (or 26+ with ISIC card) this summer. Both offer unlimited rail travel between July 1 and August 31. For $499, you get the Quebec-Windsor Corridor; for $999 you get every mile of VIA Rail track. DETAILS from VIA Rail

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A one way flight from Vancouver to the east coast of Canada might run you $700.00.  Remember, you're talking about distance of almost 4000 mi/6000 km between Vancouver and Halifax.  Travels north towards the Yukon and NWT are also expensive, so if you will actively travel for 2 months, this is a good value.

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Yes ,a good value ,but I'm still nostalgic for the old Eurail youth passes in Europe.  Now it's the budget airlines in Europe that  make travel within Europe a complete bargain compared to North America.




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