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Can Channel Ferries survive new rules?

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the continuing popularity of the Channel ferries between Britain and the continent (HERE) Now a new issue has made the outlook less clear. The British Competition and Markets Authority has ordered Eurotunnel to either sell or shut down its ferries , operating as MyFerryLink with boats bought when SeaFrance went bankrupt. There's a July 9 deadline.


The company, whose principal business is operating the freight and car-hauling trains through the Channel Tunnel and managing the tunnel itself, says that it's not likely to find a buyer in that short a time, and that shutting down the service would close numbers of routes, force higher prices and crowding on the remaining ferry companies and generally be unpleasant.


At the same time, the company is doing very well, thank you, on its core business, buying more freight shuttles and the special cars that allow holiday-goers to take their cars with them while they ride the train. DETAILS from the Guardian (UK)


Loading the car-train in Calais 

    Wikimedia / MinistÈre des Affaires ÉtrangÈres FranÇais


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