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Channel ferries: more than a nostalgia trip

Travel writer Nick Trend, in the Telegraph (UK) reminds readers that while air and Eurostar have become the most popular way for Brits to visit Europe, the ferries are still there and for good reasons.


To start with, fares are at historic lows on many routes (and there ARE many routes). Beyond that, the ferries are direct to beaches and countryside in Normandy and Brittany; to the Spanish coast and to the Netherlands. For those not going direct to Paris or another city, the trip may be shorter...and you can take your car. MORE 

Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Tohma



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The buses ,like Megabus ,sometimes use the ferries as well and it's a great way to break up a bus trip. They make you disembark the bus for safety reasons while the ferry is moving and you can watch the view and get something to eat.

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A timely post, PHeymont.  Trying to simplify a proposed trip to the UK and Portugal, and also slip in a bit of Spain along the way, I'm seriously considering the ferries from the south coast of England to Bilbao & environs, then train down to Portugal.  I'm sure it will save me money, as opposed to trains, using the ferries, most of which I wasn't aware of until I took a good look at the broken lines showing ferry routes on Google maps.

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