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Buddy, Can You Spare 5.3 Million Dimes?

Apparently so! That's how much loose change TSA scooped out of bins at scanning, left behind by travelers too frazzled or too hurried to pick it all up. And then there's the question of what to do with it...find out HERE

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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This is a no brainer.  The money was left behind by frustrated travelers. 

It should be used to minimize some of the frustration and indignity imposed on  travelers at the TSA checkpoints.


Little things would make a big difference in the "reassembly area" :

+  Buy easy-to-clean sturdy benches for the re-assembly area.

+  Put footstools in front of benches to help with putting on shoes.

+ Put baskets under the benches so people can place their small backpacks, purses, shoes, and belts out of the way while getting dressed again.

+  Put clean mats in front of the benches to save peoples' socks.

+  Stage free bottles of water for travelers to pick up coming out of security.

+ Give away coupons for the airport cafes good for a coffee, beverage, or snack.

+ Teach the TSA staff how to speak softly and smile - No cost, yet priceless.

Yes, some facilities have no space for reassembly.  The least they could do is hand people clear plastic bags for all of their little stuff at the beginning.   Toss coins, keys, cell phone etc into clear plastic bag.  Toss belt and shoes into clear plastic bag.  Slam plastic bags into bin with your luggage items.  Grab your plastic bags and luggage items out of bin at the exit and run for your gate, shoeless. 


At least people would not be fumbling around, trying to get their small odds and ends out of the bins while holding up the fine process.


Maybe we should start a system to incentivize the TSA to be civilized.   If they are polite and professional, they get a tip from that loose change fund. 



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