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Brits on Beach behaving badly? Call (British) cops!

Magaluf at night, in a quieter moment...     Photo: Rafael Ortega Diaz / Wikimedia


Responding to repeated complaints from locals and other visitors about badly-behaved British tourists, two resort towns in Spain's Balearic Islands are experimenting with having British cops on hand to keep things orderly. The two-week trial starts Monday in Magaluf and San Antonio.


Both towns are popular package holiday destinations, and unfortunately have reputations for encouraging, or at least tolerating, raunchy behavior and drunken pub crawls. While the towns, and others, still want the holidayers, they'd like to lose some of the reputation, and some of the risky behavior—including balcony-jumping and public sex.


The British Ambassador to Spain, Simon Manley, says "The presence of UK police officers will help to remind British holidaymakers of the importance of respecting local laws and customs, ensuring that everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday..."

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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I think it’s quite a bit like that…away from home, in a place that has tolerated a lot to keep the visitors coming…and is now reaping the whirlwind.

Don’t know who did it first or where, but it’s certainly sad to see…especially when people get hurt.
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