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Bouqueria: Awash in Color


Barcelona's famous Bouqueria market isn't a newcomer to these pages; it's been featured before, but it never gets less colorful and fun to visit.


On the other hand, over the years its role has shifted from being the main daily market for Barcelona's old central neighborhoods, and become more of a center for prepared food and small eateries, while most of Barcelona's many other public markets continue in 'the old way.'


My new favorite in the market was the spiropatata above... an exceptional way to get a lot of crunch while still keeping enough inside and flavor that it's not just a chip. Nearby, vegan corn dogs were on offer... but we won't go there...


Color, color, color everywhere...


And an assortment of Iberian hams. Take a close look: the one at bottom right is the bargain of the bunch at 'only' €103 per kilo. The one at the left is more than twice as expensive at €215 a kilo. That's about €6 an ounce. Ouch...



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