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Best Travel Day ever for Star Wars fans!


It always amazes me at how popular some movie and television series are -- creating cultural events well beyond what their creators ever dreamed was possible. 

Star Trek and Star Wars are the two examples that especially come to mind.  Trekkies have been gathering at conventions for decades, and now Disney has created a travel event for the Star Wars fan in your family.  On their cruise ship, Disney Fantasy, the company just inaugurated their Star Wars Day at Sea. There are several other similar themed cruises planed later in the year.

Your Star Wars fan will fit right in, dressed as his favorite character -- because so is most everyone else on the ship.  Be sure to pack your light sabers and stormtrooper outfit, because you'll be using them.  And be ready to encounter dozens of Jedi, lots of Darth Vaders, sand people, and so on.  Great Fun!

More on this story, including a video of some of the day's activities, at this link at Yahoo Travel.


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