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Bavaria challenge: How much beer can you mugs


Bavaria's famous Oktoberfest is heavy on beer and beer traditions, but this one is less well-known: a record for carrying full mugs of beer across Munich's most famous beer hall.

The current record is 25 mugs, carried over the 40-metre course in the Hofbrauhaus, set in 2014 by Oliver Strumpfel. The would-be new record holder, who works at the Hofbrau, is Matthias Volkl, who has been working out at a gym, carrying female colleagues through the hall, and trying it out with the 1-litre mugs that must be carried. 

The trick is that a) the total comes out to over 70 kilos or about 150 pounds, and b) there's no tray involved.

You slip your hands through the handles of all the mugs you can hold, pressing them together while more are piled on top. Volkl is going for 29 mugs in his attempt, which will take place tomorrow.

And Volkl's training secret? "In any case, do not drink. That will bring you down."

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