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Autumn: A season for soup


When the weather turns cool and the leaves start to fall, it always seems time for soup. Not that there aren't wonderful summer soups—gazpacho and cold plum soup come to mind—but fall and winter are the true soup seasons. And with that, I offer a few favorites (but sadly not all: many were eaten before it occurred to me to save a memento!) Above, a rich red lentil soup we enjoyed in Istanbul. Below, a warm potato cream soup served on Qatar Airways on our way there.


From Sintra, Portugal, a rich Sopa Alentejana, with bread soaked in the broth and eggs on top.


Speaking of bread and soup (we were, weren't we?) Nothing goes as well with soup as a good crusty bread to sop up the last of the broth; the basket is evident next to the bouillabaisse we enjoyed in Marseille on a cool day.


The soup is a reminder that "man lives not by bread alone," but the pictures below could convince me otherwise. I admit to a bread addiction; it's hard to choose and hard to leave (and if the crust isn't hard, too, I'll mostly be disappointed). So, here are some bread pictures from Istanbul, Athens and Paris.




And because the cold weather won't last forever, here are two tastes to dream of for next summer...a rich gazpacho at the Museo de Jamon (not really a museum!) in Madrid, and my favorite Horiatiki salad from a tiny restaurant on Rhodes.




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