April 19, 2019: Kit Carson Statue, Carson City


Carson City is named for mountain man, Kit Carson.  Kit was a well-known explorer of the American West. 

03 Kitt Carson statue

01 Kitt Carson statue

This statue of Kit Carson is located in front of the Supreme Court of Nevada.  Carson, dressed in his buckskins, rides on his horse cradling a rifle and holding his hat.  

02 Kitt Carson statue

04 Kitt Carson statue

The plaque reads: "It was the Winter of 1843-44 when Kit Carson along with John C Fremont expedition worked his way south from Pyramid Lake looking for an easy route across the Sierra Nevada. Carson, depicted here tracking his way through the mountains east of this location, was considered one of the best mountain men of the day. His name is still, synonymous with the wide open spaces and the lore of the American west. An image we still cherish as part of our freedom and our heritage. It is the spirit and love of the west that we honor with this statue."


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