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Angkor Wat: No Nudes is Good News


After a number of incidents in the past couple of years of people posing nude or topless at Cambodia's Angkor temple complex, the site has new dress rules, and will send people away to change clothes if they don't meet them.

The new regulations, which start August 4, ban visitors with uncovered knees or shoulders. A spokesperson for the site told The Telegraph (UK) that "Wearing revealing clothes disrespect's the temple's sanctity."

The rules ban clothing that is "too short—so they reveal buttocks—or not wearing bras, or T-shirts that show the back and upper body." There's even a gallery of unsuitable attire on the site's web page. The rules appear to be mainly aimed at women.

For more details and illustrations, from The Telegraph, click HERE

Photo by Mac from a TG blog on the Angkor site. To see more, click HERE

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