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Amish Country: Luxury Inn, Over-the-top Meal


I'm a big fan of Valentine's Day, mainly because requests that are shot down during the rest of the year have a better chance of making it past the "absolutely not" stage. I have to thank my husband for his indulgences in this area and for recently treating me to an item that was on my bucket list -- a dinner at TÈ restaurant at the Inn at Leola Village located in Leola, Pennsylvania.

TÈ is located within an hour's drive from me in Lancaster County and is particularly special because it is one of the few restaurants in the United States that holds both a AAA Five-Diamond Award and a Forbes Travel Guide 5 Star Award.

To further guild the lily, he arranged a stay at the Inn at Leola Village in one of the most unique rooms on the property, the historic "Wine Cellar," which dates back to 1867 and was once part of the original farmhouse which is still there to this day.

The Inn at Leola Village

Photo 1
(The entrance to the lobby at the Inn at Leola Village) 

Photo 2
(The lobby at the Inn at Leola Village features beams original to the property)

When Deborah Shirk and her husband, architect and chef  John Calabrese, announced that they would be creating an upscale inn and restaurant in the heart of Amish country, area businesses scoffed and told them it would happen when "pigs fly." The couple, undaunted, proceeded with the project and showing their sense of humor, even adopted the flying pig as a mascot.  If you visit the Inn, you'll see the winged creature represented throughout the property, often in some unlikely places.

The Inn at Leola Village, listed among the Historic Hotels of America, has received its share of awards and accolades since opening in 1999. It was named Best Meeting Venue by Pennsylvania Meetings & Events Magazine (2017) and recently received the Four Diamonds Award of Excellence (2018). The Inn was also recognized by The Knot as a Hall of Fame Designee (2018) and was nominated as Best Historical Hotel by the Historic Hotels of America (2018).

Sixty-two guest rooms are spread across seven buildings, with four buildings original to the property. Overnight guests can select from several restored antique homes, a restored tobacco barn, and other tastefully appointed accommodations, including my favorite -- the wine cellar.

Photo 3
(The “Wine Cellar” suite was once the stone-walled cold cellar of the original restored farmhouse.  It includes original wood posts and beams, along with a whirlpool, a fireplace, and a separate entrance)

Photo 4

Photo 5
(My favorite part of the “wine cellar” is the adorable reading nook)

The property also features an onsite bar where couples can relax with their preferred libation before, or after dinner.

Photo 6
(The bar at Osteria Avanti)

Photo 7
(A room in a restored tobacco barn features a waterfall shower on the second floor)

Photo 8
(The waterfall shower on the second floor rains into a whirlpool tub)

Photo 9
(All rooms are spacious, no matter which one you choose)

The Inn at Leola has two banquet facilities and is particularly popular with brides and grooms who come from miles around. Wedding parties often take advantage of the Forbes-rated four-star spa where they can choose from among a variety of services, from body treatments, to massage, facials, make-up and hair and nail care. The team of onsite wedding professionals includes floral designers, pastry chefs, a resident deejay, photographer and more so that all the wedding party has to do is show up.

Photo 10
(The wedding area)

photo 11

(Suites located in the catering hall where bridal parties get ready for the big day)

TÈ Raises the Bar on Fine Dining

pHOTO 13
(Intimate and romantic. 
TÈ restaurant touts a mere six tables, with a staff the size of much larger restaurants)

The Inn at Leola Village features an upscale Italian restaurant which has earned its share of accolades. Since opening in 2012, it has consistently maintained two prestigious awards -- the AAA Five-Diamond and the Forbes Travel Guide 5 Star Award. Few restaurants in the United States lay claim to both.

TÈ, which means tea in Italian, offers diners a one-of-a-kind experience in an intimate atmosphere. Reservations aren't just recommended, they're mandatory, which is something to keep in mind, along with the fact that dinner is served on Friday and Saturday only.

pHOTO 14
(Two sandwiches wrapped like presents came with melted cheese and raspberry sauce for dipping.  This set the tone for other little surprises during the course of the meal)

Guests can choose a five-course, or a nine-course dinner, with the concept of taking a leisurely journey through Italy starting in the northernmost part and working one's way down to the warmer regions in the southern part. Customers can add to the experience by opting for wine pairings and the cheese trolley, which features more than 21 cheeses from Italy and France.

pHOTO 15
(The cheese trolley features almost two dozen cheeses from Italy and France. A fromagier is on hand to explain the various selections and to answer any questions)

If you decide to enjoy this incredible experience, be sure to set aside a few hours. Our five-course meal stretched out for four hours, although it didn't quite feel that long since most courses were introduced with an amuse bouche. Pacing was excellent and service was attentive, with at least five employees for every couple.

Special touches included a stool strategically placed at knee-height so I wouldn't have to sling my purse over a chair, or place it on the floor and a warm finger bowl containing mint and rose petals, which enveloped the table in a lovely aroma.

We opted for the five-course prix fixe menu, which included salad, appetizer, fish and main courses. TÈ has a certified sommelier on staff and each of our courses were paired with Italian wines. Highlights of this incredible meal included yellowfin tuna with deep-fried fennel in a 15-year balsamic reduction, butter-poached halibut cheek with mint in a duck egg yolk, lamb, scallops and pork belly and the grand finale: the dessert mat, which was absolutely wonderful, from the little tortes and cakes, to the chocolate cherries the staff set aflame as we watched.

pHOTO 16
(Yellowfin tuna with deep-fried fennel in a 15-year balsamic reduction)

pHOTO 17
(Butter-poached halibut cheek with mint in a duck egg yolk)

Photo 18
We each selected five cheeses and were served candied nuts, bread and fruit alongside)

Photo 19
(One of many libations served during the course of the meal)

Photo 20
(The spectacular, over-the-top dessert mat)

Photo 21

Photo 22

Photo 23
(There’s the flying pig again.  This is TE’s version of milk and cookies, but by the time this course was served, it was 11 p.m. and we were stuffed, so they packed up a few of those chocolate-dipped, anise-kissed biscotti for us to take with us)

On our way out, we were helped with our coats and given a personalized menu with our names, the date and what we ate that evening to take home as a keepsake. Part of our package included breakfast the following morning, so we headed over to the other onsite restaurant, Osteria Avanti, where I enjoyed a somewhat lighter meal of avocado toast. My husband ordered eggs and scrapple and we both laughed when the flying pig made yet another appearance. 

Photo 24
(Avocado toast served at Osteria Avanti)

Photo 25
(The flying pig makes a final appearance in the form of scrapple)

I have to say I'm not likely to ever have such an extravagant experience again, but it certainly made Valentine's Day memorable -- so that's a hint to the men out there -- you have time to prepare for next year.  An added plus is that if you live in Pennsylvania, you won't even need to hop on a plane.


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