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Amex's new idea: Plenti points across industries

American Express has launched a new points program, called Plenti, that has some unique features. It's a "coalition" program, which doesn't tie points to a particular card or industry. There are interesting features:

  • Although Amex runs it, you can earn points at a participating merchant even if you use a different card.
  • You can use the earned points (1000=$10) at any other participating merchant
  • Amex is offering a Plenti card, but you don't need one to earn points
  • If you use, say, an AAdvantage card at a participaing merchant, you can get both Plenti and AA points.
  • Existing store-based loyalty plans can be rolled in—RiteAid is offering customer sign-up right at the checkout counter

American Express, which already runs a Membership Rewards program and has co-branded cards with Delta, Starwood and JetBlue, among others, is aiming this program at a broader audience than its other programs, which are aimed at a more affluent audience. Amex will allow Membership Rewards points to be transferred  to Plenti. For more information, check Amex's Press Release and Plenti site.


Among the merchants signed up already are Exxon-Mobil, AT&T, Macy’s, Hulu, Nationwide Insurance and Rite Aid. Sign-up is free.


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