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Airlines defend holding onto fuel surcharges

The airlines, stung by criticism that they are holding onto fuel surcharges even as fuel prices plummet, are making the argument that now that fuel is cheaper, they are able to spend the money—a billion a month by their estimate—on more WiFi, new routes, improved airports and more. Nicholas Calio, president of the airline lobbying group Airlines for America, expands that argument in a piece in USA Today

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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There is no excuse for collecting money for fuel surcharges.

That's not what it is being used for.

That's just dishonest and fraudulent.

Which is what we expect from people who think they have a better use for other peoples money.

It's just like taking unemployment benefit after you've gone back to work.

Just not acceptable.


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Or, alternately, if it’s a time-limited charge to pay for specific capital costs of improvement, call it that—and take it off when the work is done. Although those of us who live with bridges and tunnels that were supposed to become free after they were paid off…good luck!

Yes Paul. We've been paying for the 3 mile tunnel under the River Mersey for 50 years.

It was supposed to be free 2 years ago - fully paid for.

We're still paying now - with an increase to subsidise better public transport.

Again - I smell a rat in the kitchen.

A greedy one as well

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