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Air Canada in Expansion mode



Air Canada, Canada's flag carrier, is on the move.  It announced that it would start 12 new routes to the United States from the larger airports in Canada in 2016, including routes from Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.  If interested, you can read more about these routes at this link.  No foreign airline covers more American destinations that Air Canada.


With the addition of a number of Boeing 787 aircraft, the company is opening new routes next year, including direct flights from Vancouver to Bejing and Seoul.  The new planes are also adding capacity to existing routes; for example, direct flights from Calgary to Frankfurt are switching from 767 to the 787-9 aircraft next year.  Air Canada has a commitment thus far to purchase 29 Dreamliners.


If you've not flown Air Canada and a reasonably priced opportunity presents itself, it's a decent airline in my experience.  Reasonable leg room (esp on international runs), reasonable service.



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