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Abandoned Gofio Mill, Barranco De Guarimar, Gomera, Canary Islands


Gofio is a flagship product within the Canarian diet that has survived the passage of time.  There is no Canary home where you do not enjoy breakfast with a cup of hot milk with gofio and sugar or ... a Canary that has not tasted, for example, a good escaldón or lump of gofio.

Gofio is a flour of toasted cereals, grains traditionally roasted and stone-ground, adding a pinch of salt,  Since February 2014 it has a protected designation of origin, recognized by the European Commission.  In 2016 La Gomera won several prizes awarded by the Canarian Institute of Food Quality for the best Canarian gofio productions.

Gofio is a pre-Hispanic food of Berber origin consumed as a fundamental part of their diet. The ancient Canaries created different types of gofio, using fern rhizomes, barley, lentils and wheat. Then they were incorporating new ingredients, as in the case of millo from America, and rye. The Guanches used to toast the gofio in clay jars and then ground it in hand mills of porous basalt stone.


Because of its high nutritional value, it became the staple food to alleviate famines suffered on the islands, especially during and after the civil war. Today, it is consumed in all social strata of the Canary Islands.

Currently, there are various types of gofio that can be found in the market, being the most used raw materials millo and wheat, followed by barley and some legumes like chickpea.

Gofio is mainly made of millo, being used for milk, soups, purees or mixed with water or other broths and supplemented with products such as almonds, blanched or as an ingredient for desserts. Gofio wheat is consumed more in than in the eastern and western islands.  Its color is lighter than the Millo and its texture is finer so it is preferred for breakfast milk.

Gofio is a natural food in whose production only natural techniques are used (for example, processing with the stone of a moulin), with no preservatives or colorings.


It is very rich in vitamins (especially B vitamins, such as B1, B2 and B2, plus vitamin C, A and D) and minerals (such as iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and zinc). It also provides omega-6 fatty acids and amino acids polyunsaturated.

Key benefits of gofio:

1. Rich in fiber and appropriate, therefore, in the treatment of constipation or how to prevent naturally. 

2. Suitable for diabetics because it delays the absorption of simple carbohydrates.

3. Good to maintain optimal cholesterol levels

4. Very nutritious and low fat food

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Images (3)
  • Abandoned Gofio Mill, Barranco De Guarimar, Gomera, Canary Islands
  • Abandoned Gofio Mill, Barranco De Guarimar, Gomera, Canary Islands
  • Abandoned Gofio Mill, Barranco De Guarimar, Gomera, Canary Islands

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