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AA, Delta: Different inflight directions


Delta is returning hot meal service to domestic and short-haul international flights, with service phasing in starting March 1. At the same time, American is reducing its cabin service, saying it is acting to reduce contact between cabin crew and passengers for Covid safety.

Delta's move, replacing the boxed and pre-packaged meals it has been serving, is expected to be complete by March 8. The main effect, of course, is on the premium seats, since economy passengers on most flights only have a choice of purchased food.

American's decision, after strong requests by APFA, the flight attendants' union, will mean that there will be a single beverage service on flights, including long-haul international, although passengers will still be able to walk to the galley to request additional items. For first-class and business-class passengers it will also mean that their hot meals will come as a single service, instead of having soup and salad first and then the mains. American hasn't indicated how long the new procedure will be in effect.

our airline tray table varies from airline to airline, but usually there's some synchronicity among the major airlines

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I am shocked to find out the AA is reducing its cabin service more, SHOCKED, lol NOT. In my opinion, they are horrible and are using anything, as an excuse, Covid has just continued to give them a reason Again just my opinion.

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