A Stroll along Halifax's Waterfront


I enjoyed my visit to Halifax, although I'd have to say it's not one of the prettier cities in Canada.  An exception to this impression was my walk along the city's waterfront, which is a lovely place. 

01 Halifax Waterfront

02 Halifax Waterfront

The city has a terrific 6-km boardwalk known as the HarbourWalk which stretches along the main highlights of harbor and which is said to be one of the longest boardwalks in the world.  It's flat and easy to do, and walking this stretch is most pleasant on a nice summer day.

05 Halifax Waterfront

06 Halifax Waterfront

07 Halifax Waterfront

08 Halifax Waterfront

The walk offers some nice views of the harbor, and of ships and sailboats moving about -- even of a lighthouse on an island.  There's the sound of gulls and of waves crashing, and the fresh smell of the sea.  A truly relaxing experience.

20 Halifax Waterfront

09 Halifax Waterfront

The walk includes a number of restaurants and snack shacks, art galleries and gift shops.  It includes Halifax's Farmers Market, Pier 21 (home to the Canadian Museum of Immigration) and the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

17 Halifax Waterfront

18 Halifax Waterfront
(artifacts outside the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic)

You're likely to find the Harborwalk busy in the summer, so it's a good place to people watch.  You'll be entertained by buskers and Nova Scotians going about their business.

There are a number of memorials along the walk:

03 Halifax Waterfront

04 Halifax Waterfront

11 Halifax Waterfront

Some interesting old ships, like the Sackville and on some summer days the sailing schooner, Bluenose II.

12 Halifax Waterfront

13 Halifax Waterfront

15 Halifax Waterfront

16 Halifax Waterfront

19 Halifax Waterfront

I enjoyed this interesting piece of art, an amalgamation of bicycles known as the Bicycle Thief .

10 Halifax Waterfront

No visit to the waterfront is complete without trying some rum cake....

23 Halifax Waterfront

And if you're traveling with kids, be sure you stop by Theodore Too.

21 Halifax Waterfront

22 Halifax Waterfront

A recommended activity when visiting Halifax.


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