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Choosing the location of your business conference can be difficult, as you want a place that screams “professional!” while – at the same time – you want your guests to enjoy their time. You are looking for a place that is only a few hours away from almost every continent for convenience; where professionalism goes hand in hand with genuine hospitality; where the weather is nice; and a location that has something new to offer. You may not know it yet, but are looking for Cyprus.   

This Mediterranean island is perfectly located at the crossroads of three continents, and full of things to discover – and once your guests visit this wonderful place for your business conference, they will thank you for allowing them to discover it, and will want to come back for more. Boasting inviting beaches; championship golf courses; ancient cultural sites; and breathtaking mountain trails that are in close proximity to luxurious hotels; Cyprus will have them head over heels in no time. Let’s have a more detailed look at why…

Beautiful Weather, All Year Long

Blessed with a nearly perfect Mediterranean climate, Cyprus enjoys the warmest and the most stable climates in Europe, with an average annual temperature of 75°F. The island hosts warm winters with few rainy days, and summers that are mostly dry and hot. You can book your conference venue for any time on the calendar with confidence that your visitors’ experience will not be compromised by rain or extreme cold.

Magical Coasts  

The third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea sure carries magical beaches that are an absolute sight to behold! With clean sands and crystal clear waters, Cyprus will offer your visitors the treat of a lifetime. Make sure to plan a trip to Paphos beach so that your guests get to see the famous Aphrodite Rock – legend says it was the birthplace of the Greek goddess.

10,000 Years Worth of Culture   

Tiny but mighty, Cyprus proudly has a history that dates back over 10,000 years! The island is beautifully adorned with monuments that magnificently showcase the phases of its cultural evolution throughout the centuries. In addition, your guests can enjoy the great heritage provided through the island’s diversified culture, providing them with an unparalleled experience.

Gastronomic Heaven

You can only imagine how the influence of the Greeks and Turkish cuisines can create a heavenly assortment of mouth watering dishes. No conference is complete without proper catering that can satisfy all tastes, and Cyprus offers just that. With signature recipes that are diverse enough to please meat-eaters and vegetarians alike, the island’s cuisine is not to be missed. Make sure that your venue provides new and diversified menus for each meal, so that your visitors get to sample as many local delicacies as possible.

Start Planning 

Planning a business conference is no small endeavor; you want everyone to have productive meetings and a fantastic time – and the first item on your checklist is where. Cyprus enjoys a wonderful weather all year long, making it easy for you to time your event as you please. In addition to its wonderful beaches, impressive culture and heritage sites, as well as delightful cuisine, this magical island just might be what you are looking for.

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