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Thinking about taking a tour of the state of Gujarat? It is one of the most fascinating tourist destinations that this country has and there are so many things to see here. From the Rann of Kutch to the historical city of Dwarka, you will never run out of options and mesmerising landscapes here.

So if you are planning a Gujarat tour, then you should start looking for the best hotels in gujarat india. But have you decided which city you would be focusing on as your base? It is always helpful to have a base city from where you will start your journey and then again return. Well, Ahmedabad is the best option for you to consider. Why? Here are some reasons that you cannot ignore:

  1. One of the most fundamental reasons for which Ahmedabad should be your choice because being one of the premiere cities of the country it is very well connected both within domestic boundaries as well as with international countries. You can take a train or bus or car or flight from anywhere in the country and reach Ahmedabad in a couple of hours. This city is also connected with frequent international flights and hence accessing Ahmedabad is much hassle free.
  2. The other main important reason to select Ahmedabad would be that since it was the previous capital of Gujarat, it is very well connected to the different parts of the state and you can travel anywhere and everywhere that you want to from here. You will get bus, taxis, flights and even trains that will aid you in your Gujarat tour and make sure that you can access all the important cities and places that you wish to visit in Gujarat.
  3. There are a lot of interesting places located right near Ahmedabad which makes it one of the most convenient locations for a base. For example, Vadodara, the capital of the state is just an hour away. You can access Dwarka and the Rann of Kutch from here with ease since these are about a7-8 hour drive from here. In addition to that some of the world heritage sites of India like the Rani ka vav and some well-known villages are located very near to Ahmedabad, so much so that you can visit these places and come back on the very same day.
  4. The other thing is the factor of comfort. You will get the best ahmedabad india hotels at variety of prices and hence you can always find a stay of your choice when you are in the city, which in turn insures a comfortable tour.
  5. And last but not the least, there are many things to see and experience in Ahmedabad itself. The Jhulta Minar, the Dada Hari ka Vav, some really famous mosques and lakes are located in the city. On top of that, the main attraction of the state- the Gandhi Ashram is located here.

So, there is more than one reason to make sure that Ahmedabad is the place of stay or base when you take your Gujarat tour!

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