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Right after the end of Corona crises; gear up yourself for the Easter Holidays to Morocco.  This North-African haven has become one of the most desired destinations for all the travel enthusiasts and fun lovers of the world.

From the ultramodern metropolis of Rabat, and Casablanca, the swarthy Sahara dunes to lofty Atlas, the bustling Marrakesh souks to turquoise beaches, there is everything for every one of us.

This African treasure spot would never disappoint you, because it is a spectacular country with amazingly hospitable locals. The welcoming Moroccans would never let you leave without the soothing Moroccan tea and you would love your crazy chit chat with them.

Furthermore, Morocco is the land with amazing food scene. It is filled with super amazing food stalls and urban cafes and local restaurants with expert cooks and staff members ever ready to serve you any time you want.

So to enjoy your Moroccan experience with full bloom, we cordially recommend you to plan your holidays in the cool bright months of March-April, even when you get your due leaves for Easter.

Why we are insisting for this time? These reasons would make you better understand.

Reasons for Moroccan Visit in March-April

Take a look at following perks of visiting Morocco in months of March-April

Morocco exudes Excellent Climate in March-April

March marks the beginning of Moroccan springs in the African continent with excellent weather conditions.  The coastal location of the country at Atlantic makes it more desirable for the travelers. The sun-soaked days, light rain in the evening and calming cool nights make Morocco an ideal destination for everyone.

Another striking climactic fact of Morocco is that the weather conditions vary from place to place. For example, in Fez the springs keep the atmosphere soothing bright and sunny. Whereas, the month of March becomes the rainiest month with frequent but pleasant rainfall in the country.

An ideal Time for every fun activity

The months of March and April are filled with blooms, buddings and greeneries. These months are equally welcoming for any kind of fun activity you want. Whether it can be snow trekking in Atlas, Camel riding in Sahara, flip flops in beaches, wandering in Marrakesh souks, everything becomes more exciting and amazing.

Time of Amazing Clothing/ light Packing

In spring months of March and April of Morocco, stroll in a busy day wherever you want in knee covered shorts with baggy T-shirt above. Even for snow trekking in Atlas or Riff, you can leave your jacket at home.

However, we recommend you to keep a warm robe or cotton attire along with the pair of socks to wear at nights. In springs, the nights of Morocco are cooler than the days. So feeling cold at night is pretty normal.

We also suggest you to keep your bag pack light and roaming excitement heavier.

Months of Festivals and Celebrations

Morocco is an exotic Islamic country of amazing festivity and festivals that are held in different months throughout the year. If you are enjoying the vivid brown Sahara sceneries, you can also head to the small village of M’Hamid El Ghizlane to enjoy the International Nomad Festival.

It is the 3 day Moroccan festival to celebrate the pure ancient Nomadic culture of Morocco. This festival would also allow you to enjoy some fun-filled sporty activities like camel racing, and Nomadic hockey

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