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An excellent and exciting way to explore Dubai is a traditional city tour that will take you through Dubai Creek and the traditional areas of the city. While you are the city of in Dubai, you can enjoy an evening drive to the desert for having safari and dune dinner, which is a must-do activity in Dubai. If you choose to go for morning safari Dubai, you can walk on the dunes, view the desert wildlife, ride on desert bikes and practice sandboarding as well. In winter time, you must spend one night in the desert to experience the adventurous night safari camp.

The desert safari Dubai in 4X4 is a pretty fun experience which you must have whenever you visit Dubai. Every trip to the desert is a great adventure, as you can be fascinated by the magnificent scenery of unique sands of the United Arab Emirates. In this case, doing it in a 4X4 is like riding a roller coaster through the desert dunes, and if you get dizzy easily, you might start to have a bad time during the trip.

After a few minutes of ups and downs, you make a stop to have calmly a breathtaking view of the desert of Dubai and to be able to take some photos and relax. Afterward, on the tour, you are taken to a Bedouin village where you can enjoy the sunset, camel ride, see a bird show and enjoy the sweetness of the place accompanied by a soda or a bottle of champagne.

In the evening, watching the sun drowning behind the desert, hiding among large sand dunes is a wonderful time. This will end with a delicious dinner accompanied by dances typical of the country such as belly dancing and Arab drums. You just do not forget to take the photos of each moment and activity as you will cherish these memories forever.

When you intend to go for the desert safari Dubai, you will find a lot of services which will offer you great a variety of desert safari deals. You will find the average tour prices range from 55 euros per person onwards which will greatly depend on the service and package of the desert safari deal you select; rest assured whether you go for a morning safari or you decide to spend the night in the desert, it will be a lifetime entertaining experience for you.


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