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In the TG news , I included a link to a France 24  article on foreign tourist numbers. In that article was a  link to a VisitLondon ad  featuring Gordon Ramsey .He claimed there's no better place in the world to eat than London (See below)


Are you bold enough to

make a claim about any city in the world?


I'll start it off saying ,I'd rank Tokyo right up there.It not only has great Japanese food, but it's well known for both French and Indian  restaurants. Everything I ate in Tokyo was fresh and clean. The Japanese really enjoy foreign food and it shows.


Your turn!

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I won't claim any city to be the best in the world—at least not until I have time to visit them all! I'm always skeptical anyway about "the best" "the most" and so forth.


That said, I'll also add that the best is not always the most expensive or famous. And I'm pleased to see that he's not pushing posh places, but rather inexpensive curry houses and a 24-hour cafe. His point seems to be that London is the best city to eat in because it is, his opinion, the best city to BE in.


So, I'll propose a bit of a turn in the question, and ask: What are some great cities for budget travelers to eat well in? By that, I mean cities where full meals are inexpensive, not places where budget travelers will have to live on rolls and sandwiches.


My first nomination, champion of the "prato do dia," is Lisbon where nearly every place has a fixed-price meal for 5-7€ with meat or fish and sides.

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

The Restaurants in London have Chefs and Staff from the country they represent.

They're not 2nd or 3rd generation French or Indonesian people.

They have mostly arrived in the UK after learning their trade.

Even in Liverpool I can taste the authentic food of 30 or more countries,

So in a Cosmopolitan Capital like London I'm sure I could eat genuine food from anywhere  in the world !


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