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If you are searching for the perfect city break destination, you do not have to think twice before choosing St Petersburg. It can be described as a dynamic city with full of wonderful sights and there are a lot of attractions and activities as well. Although St Petersburg is one of the youngest metropolises, many people describe it as the cultural centre of Europe. All these aspects make St Petersburg shore excursions immensely popular.   

Historical and architectural sights

It was one of the most popular tourism centers in the 18th century. St Petersburg can also be described as the biggest non-capital city in Europe and it is the home to some of the finest and inspiring historical and architectural sights. Some of the most popular tourist hotspots that you can come across during your tours in St Petersburg are the Paul and Peter Fortress, Isaac’s Cathedral and Alexandro-Nevskaya monastery as well. The architectural beauty of this wonderful city takes you into a different world altogether and you can take stroll around places like Decemberists' Square,  Novaya Gollandiya island, St Isaac's Square and Palace Square.

One of the biggest museums in the world

One of the most amazing attractions this city offers is the Hermitage. It is one of the biggest museums in the world and you can find many attractions such as the Hermitage theatre, New Hermitage, Maly Hermitage and Winter Palace. When you visit this museum, you can find artefacts from the Stone Age and the present day artefacts are also available in this wonderful museum. If you go for St Petersburg tours, you can view all these wonderful attractions.

Sculptures and monuments

When it comes to sculptures and monuments, St Petersburg can compete with any city in the world. You can view simply stunning representations of Peter the Great, Alexander Pushkin and Catherine the Great and, it will be unfair not mention about the Bronze Horseman and there are many more sculptures and monuments.  

Excellent bars, cafes and restaurants

This city is home to wonderful restaurants and you can also find a good number of excellent bars and cafes. Because of the ever increasing number of tourists, more and more restaurants and cafes are being introduced on a weekly basis. The quality of the food available is inspiring and you cannot find a better place for dining.

If you are planning for shore excursions st Petersburg , you can plan to coincide with one of the most celebrated 100 annual festivals. Along with shore excursions, you can participate in different types of events and performances connected to these festivals. Every tourist looks for a great nightlife when they choose a tourist destination and St Petersburg offers a wonderful nightlife. There are several live music venues, late-night bars and luxury nightclubs that offer unlimited entertainment and you can find something interesting every second in this city. No matter how many days you spend in St Petersburg, this city is going to leave a long lasting impression and all the good memories are going to stay forever.

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