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I love getting away on the weekends!  Living in Seattle, I've got lots of choices.  My favorite place is to head into the Cascades to the small Bavarian-style village of Leavenworth.  It's a beautiful drive and the village and setting are great!  There's a B&B I like to stay at and a number of hiking trails that I enjoy doing.  In December the town gets all dolled up for Christmas and is lots of fun.


I know people here are from all over the place, but what's your favorite weekend getaway destination? 

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There is always something to do here in Redding.  This part of California is known for its natural setting and Gold Rush history.  We like to picnic at Shasta Lake or visit the Gold Rush ghost town at Shasta State Historic Park.  Hiking at Lassen Volcanic park is always invigorating.  In the Spring, you cannot beat a visit to the 220 acre arboretum at Turtle Bay.

Haven't gotten into West Coast stuff yet, but back east I had a few favorites I'd suggest to anyone.


One is Lancaster County, PA. I know it's overflowing with fake Amish stuff and all, but behind that there's a real local history and culture (and some real Amish culture as well)...and the Strasburg Rail Road, a steam road that's an afternoon's fun...and the Pennsylvania State Railroad museum...and the National Toy Train Museum (which could take up a whole day if your companions share your interest! They're all clustered together just east of Lancaster. If you google "train museums lancaster pa" they'll all pop up.





Living in Calgary now, my favorite weekend get away is the Canadian Rockies.  Banff is just an hour away and with it thousands of square kilometers of unspoiled wilderness, like the scene below in Sunshine Meadows:



or nearby Kananaskis Country.



And in the winter it's beautiful with snow and has world class skiing.  


Sot he Canadian Rockies is where I like to go.


Images (2)
  • Sunshine Meadows, Banff National Park, Alberta
  • Kananaskis Country, Alberta

That's a fun question!  Living in SoCal, there's lots of great places to getaway to.  But there are 2 I really like.  In the winter I like Palm Springs.  Great weather, wildflowers, the mountains and desert.  It's great!  In the summer I like to go to Big Bear in the mountains.  Beautiful mountain scenery.  Great trees and lots of cabins.  Both places are great!

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