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I'm working on details for my February trip to Sevilla, Cordoba and Granada, and I'm up to walking tours--I'd appreciate any experience from the TG community.


In Sevilla, our base for 5 days, I've found a Pancho tours 2-hour free tour of main sights that seems like a good orientation, and almost everyone who's reviewed it on TripAdvisor felt it was really good...I hope so. They also have, not free but for 20€/person, a wine and tapas tour...anyone done?


For Cordoba, where we'll be from morning to evening of one day, I've found a 3-hour tour with GetYourGuide for 25€/person; the fee includes admission (no line) to the main buildings. Seems like a reasonable plan considering our time restriction. Again, any experience?


I haven't gotten to Granada yet; we'll be there two days and will book tickets for Alhambra (including evening) but would probably like a walking tour, preferably free, to see more of the city.

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Hi Pheymont


I wouldn't worry about the wine and tapas portion. Things are really inexpensive her, and the tapas has been universally good. It's easy to get three or four tapas to share and a couple of glasses of wine for 15 Euro.


As for the tours, we didn't take any, but I think for one day in Cordoba it would be a good idea because I think that day may feel really busy. For Sevilla, I have a mixed opinion, I really love to wonder around, get lost and then navigate my way out...but thats just me. On the other hand the streets are very narrow and very labyrinthian (is that a word?). We've been out walking about 10 miles a day and there is something new around every corner.


I think you'll love the off season. Spanish is virtually the only language we've heard either in Sevilla or Cordoba 

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Thanks so much!


We're also the wanderers, but in a new city we sometimes find a walking tour is useful either for orientation upfront, or to clear up questions about things we've noticed. The wine and tapas tour is semi on the radar more for the opportunity to meet new people than to have a drink and a snack. Picking those things carefully, we've been able to have time with other travelers from other countries (not always English-speaking).


I'm looking forward to our trip...your pictures are great. Hope you can post some reports, too!

Hi Pheymont


Try this:


The gentleman's name is David Guillen Garrido. We took a tour of Italica with he and a lovely young lady today. It turned out to be a private tour and we were very impressed. They will do other tours as well. I think we will try them for Triana  and are trying to organize something for Baelo Claudia as well. 



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