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Most of us remember with awe and fondness the great solar eclipse that moved across the USA in 2017.  I wrote a piece about my experience in Oregon, which you can read at this link if you are interested.

I wanted you to be aware of two major eclipses coming within the next year.  Often it requires some strategizing to see these, so it's not too early to start planning on how to see them.

An annular eclipse will occur in a few months, on October 14th.  The path is outlined below and with luck a lot of people will be able to see it.


A bigger event will be a total solar eclipse on April 8th.  The path of totality is outlined below, including Texas, much of the Midwest and of the northeastern states.



Weather and health permitting, I hope to see both.

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"We do not take a trip, a trip takes us".  John Steinbeck, from Travels with Charlie


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