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My wife and I recently signed up for the Global Entry program, which is designed to speed up coming home from abroad. The program also includes access to the TSA Pre-check lanes at airport security. And that means, when available, no removing shoes and belts, laptops and liquids stay in the carry-on and light jackets stay on.

Last week, leaving Newark, it was on my boarding pass but not my wife's, since she had just been approved the day before. So, I carried all our stuff, minus the yogurt that turned out to be considered a liquid, and beat her through by 20 minutes.

Just now, at Tucson, we both had Pre-check, but there weren't enough passengers in the terminal to set up separate lanes. Instead, we were given passes to hand in at the scanner; it gave us all the benefits above except that the laptops had to come out.

Still, less frazzled, less irritated, and feeling a little guilty at the privilege.

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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Paying more to beat the lines still sounds a bit elitist to me.

Like those who paid "First Class" getting preferential treatment.

And those who get a Theme Park Ticket that allows them to jump to the front.

I've done the VIP treatment. It was very pleasant not to have to wait in line.

But I too felt a bit guilty.   

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