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With all our travel plans cancelled or postponed, many of us are struck at home with nothing to do. Humans are not biologically structured to stay in an enclosed space for long periods of time, and the result of that is an illness called cabin fever. What if you are able to dive deep into another world and escape the coronavirus? Would you take the chance? Today I share with you 3 anime series that bring you to another word and share why you would enjoy the show as you explore its civilization, take in its fantasy experiences, and go for an adventure.

1. The Shield Hero

Tate no yuusha
Great anime art accompanies a great story

Unlike the typical isekai (Japanese for another world) where the protagonist comes in overpowered and has an experience boost in each of his training to prepare him for the demon lord, this guy is only able to equip a shield. Yep, that's it nothing more. As a result, he can't fight alone and no one wants him in their party. To make matters worse, She got cheated of all his money and literally was down to a single penny. So where can he go from here and what can he do? These are very interesting questions that you will find answers to as you watch the series.


2. I Will Seriously Try If I Go To Another World

mushoku tensei
Adorable characters of Mushoku Tensei

Mushoku tensei is said to be the grandfather of all isekai anime. It is the light novel that is said to make isekai so popular in light novels. So in this story the main character dies with many regrets in life as you can see from the title. He decided to do his very best when he got reincarnated into another world with his memories intact. While there aren't much surprises in the story, it is still very endearing as you get to see how he managed to turn over a new leaf and really do well in his second life. How many of us actually got a second chance in life and yet didn't treasure it?


3. Zero no Tsukaima

Zero no Tsukaima
She's dead serious about it

Zero no Tsukaima is one of the rare anime series that actually has the couple ending up together married. the main character Saito was summoned by the female protagonist Louis as a tsukaima, a familiar, or pet slave. As a result she is bound by a spiritual contract where he cannot do anything to defy his master, and his freedom is confiscated. Overtime, they grew on each other and fell in love. How? Thru a series of ordeals and life and death situations.


Isekai Anime Recommendations

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Top Isekai Anime

Overall, if you like these recommendations you should check out and look at the comprehensive list of isekai anime that they have.

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