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Hi Animaniac Too!


Travel insurance is not for everyone, but whenever I travel overseas now I buy it (mostly because our parents are old and frail and we never know when we might need to cancel a trip). It does add to the cost of a trip, about 5% or so, but if you're going to a remote place I think it's definitely worth buying.  The point in purchasing travel insurance is to buy a policy that will pay you when you file a legitimate claim.  Anyone will be glad to collect your insurance money, but only a quality company will promptly pay you for your claim.


The company I personally use and recommend is TravelGuard.  I filled one claim in my life for $5000.00.  I submitted it with the required paperwork and in 10 days the check arrived in my mailbox.  No questions, no hassles.  I'm their customer for life.


I'm sure there are other quality policies.  For example, I believe AAA sells them.  So have your friend do a little research if she's looking for something more limited than what Travelguard sells.

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"We do not take a trip, a trip takes us".  John Steinbeck, from Travels with Charlie

Thanks Dr Fumblefinger. That was actually the company that she got a discount with through her Alumni Association, but as you say - willing to take your money is not the same as willing to pay; so we wanted to look around and get some recommendations. Glad to hear that's a good one, and we'll go with it.


Thanks for your help!


- Cat

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